Add git trigger for bitbucket-server repo

Hi all,

I’m new to and I’m still trying to make everything work.

There is this repository that I own on a on-premise bitbucket-server.
When I want to verify the trigger I get this fail message telling me: “Failed to add Trigger to bitbucket-server. This trigger requires some configuration in you server. Please follow the instructions.” but I can’t find any instructions for my issue.

Would be great if anybody could help me out with this issue.




Hey there!

Thanks for letting us know about the lack of documentation. Let me investigate that. :slight_smile:

Have you set up everything as per these docs?

Hi Kristofer,

thanks for the link to the docs.
So far, my pipeline can checkout my code from the repository and run a maven build with it so I think the git providers is added correctly.

But I don’t know about any additional steps I have to do to prepare my bitbucket-server installation though?