Add Pull Request Label Regex to Build Triggers

We’d like the ability to skip builds completely if the PR has a label (or labels) on it. We can achieve the result today by adding conditions to steps and but this still causes the build to kick off and then just quickly finish due to the conditions. However, this creates confusion and causes engineers to have to click through a few build history items to find the one that actually ran.

Additionally, for skipped builds it would be really cool to still see it in the activity but as a Skipped (the desired UI would be the skip arrow from the pipeline but a different color than green, maybe gray?) rather than having the green checkmark.


I sent your feedback to our product team. I think we have a feature already on the roadmap for skipping builds for a specific regex in the commit message. Not sure about PR labels though.


Additionally, it would be nice to be able separate the Pull request edited between a Summary and Description. I believe GitHub supports this already: pull_request.title vs. pull_request.body