Can't select my repository from Bitbucket

I am trying to create a pipeline from a repository in Bitbucket. I am not the owner of the repo, but I am an admin with read and write permissions.

In Codefresh when I add the integration to bitbucket (via oAuth) it doesn’t show this repo, but other that I own. How can I connect to this repo?

Hmm, you should be able to, as long as you have the proper permissions set up with your login, which you already said you have. Do you have any public ones, or could you create one, and see if that’s visible?

It is showing public repos.

So, it looks like Codefresh is showing all of the repos that show up when I view my list of repos in Bitbucket. Codefresh is also showing my repos that belong to other “teams” that I’m a part of. But this particular repo is just shared with me, meaning I am listed as an “admin” user under the “Users & Groups” under the repo’s settings.

Hey! I’ve opened a support ticket regarding this and we’ll be in touch more directly, since it seems to be an account-specific issue. :slight_smile: