Codefresh Live Debugging for CI/CD Announced Today! ๐ŸŽ‰

Today weโ€™re announcing the first-ever solution for live debugging a CI/CD pipeline. You can now place stop/resume breakpoints and inspect live pipelines in the same way that developers debug their applications. Itโ€™s the easiest, fastest way to troubleshoot and fix bugs in complex pipelines.

Live debugging is very well known to software developers and is one of the most efficient ways to find and fix bugs in application code. This technique goes hand-in-hand with graphical integrations from an Integrated Development Environment

Full blogpost here:


Thank you very much for introducing this feature. Now I can easily test my pipeline changes without commenting out the other steps or manually cancelling the build process in Codefresh or even pushing new changes every few minutes to test and debug the architecture on Codefresh. Kudos to the Codefresh team for making this! :rocket:

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Glad you like it!! Let us know when youโ€™ve used it a bit and if you have any feedback to share. Weโ€™re eager to hear it! :smiley: