Codefresh Registry Trigger

Pipelines support some Docker registries as a trigger, but not the Codefresh Registry, it would be great to have it available. In my case, I have a project which is used to generate some files in other projects, and a way to keep those files updated is by updating it in a pipeline triggered once a new version is released. What do you think about it?

Hello and welcome to Codefresh community!

While we have in our backlog the trigger from the Codefresh registry, a much better approach is to have the upstream job automatically trigger the downstream ones. This can be easily done with the codefresh run step. We have in our docs a complete example with a parent and child pipelines.

For a real example you can also read the blog post on how we develop Codefresh on Codefresh managing 25+ microservices with just two pipelines. The CI pipeline is just calling the CD one.

Would this pattern work in your case?