Default registry for pulling images?

With the recent changes to Docker pull limits, our team is using a different registry to pull containers for our freestyle steps. Within the CF UI for registry configuration, there is a concept of Default Registry. But from what I can tell, the default concept only applies to pushing of images. This is a hassle because to change our docker image source we’ve had to change scores of yaml files to use the fully qualified image name that points to our desired registry.

Hi Donn, thanks for bringing this up. You’re right, pushing to a non-DockerHub registry does require a fully qualified image name. This is because we use the Docker CLI for this operation - by default, it will try to push to DockerHub unless the full image name is provided.

That being said, I agree this is not very intuitive or efficient for users. I opened an issue with our developers so that we can address it in an upcoming release. My thought is that the configured registry for a step should ensure the image name resolves to the correct registry, but if you have any additional criteria please feel free to share.

In the meantime, unfortunately, find and replace is the best solution for this. If you’d like to be notified when a change is made in the product, feel free to open up a ticket with us and we can let you know. Thanks again for bringing this up.