Degraded application not succeeding after correcting manifest in GitOps

I have created this application in GitOps.

I introduced an error in my manifest to force it into degraded state. And the application degraded as expected. Then I fixed the manifest to remove that issue (removing ServiceAccount from manifest which was not available). Application synced the repository to latest commit but the deployment didn’t rollout and application is stuck in degraded state
I did Synchorise and Hard Refresh to no avail. It has been in degraded state since last 24 hours or so even after corrected manifest is synced.


It is bit hard to diagnose this by just the description. Please open an issue with us and the support team will take a look at the application.

Thanks @Kostis . I reached out to support and got the solution.
For the benefit of anybody who might find this question, the solution is to tick Replace when doing Synchronize. It will delete and create the resource.