Github release events are not filtered correctly

I’m trying to set up a pipeline which will be triggered by github release.
Github currently sends multiple events when a new release is created, namely release.created, release.prereleased, release.published.
There is an option in codefresh trigger configuration to select only release.prereleased (or release.released) events and I would like the pipeline to be only triggered by this specific event.
But when I select only release.released and I publish a pre-release on github, the pipeline actually triggers with Release published event, which I didn’t select. Same if I configure release.prereleased.
For some reason it’s not possible to filter out the published event and it always triggers the pipeline, although it’s not checked in the trigger configuration UI and is not present in the YAML for the pipeline.

That looks like a bug to me.

Also is there any workaround I can use?


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The hacky workaround would be to create a generic pipeline and then parse the payload yourself and use conditions to exit or continue the pipeline Git triggers · Codefresh | Docs

However, it is better to report this with a support issue so that we can investigate and fix it.


We are also experiencing this bug. Our pipeline is subscribed to release.prereleased and release.released. However, codefresh acts as though it’s also subscribed to release.published and triggers multiple pipeline runs, making release.prereleased and release.released unusable.