How to delete builds that accidentally leak secrets into logs

While experimenting with pushing commits back to a repository, I accidentally leaked a GitHub access token into the build log. I would like to delete this build so that the sensitive information is not available by browsing build logs, but I am unable to find any ability to do this in the UI, nor the documentation.

When viewing this list of builds, I can see some options to the right hand side of the list:


But the menu does not include any option to delete.

Deleting the entire pipeline is not an option as there are many historical builds which are important to keep.

Any help would be much appreciated.


For audit purposes we don’t delete builds. Unfortunately you need to revoke/rotate the secret.
You might want to open an issue with our support team, but I don’t think they will do an exception. It is much easier (and more correct) to change the secret.

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