How to use shared secrets in pipeline

Shared secret

    • USERNAME: xxx
    • PASS: xxxx

in pipeline, configured shared secret. How to do substitution in a command

e.g. git login ${{secrets.CREDS.USERNAME}} ${{secrets.CREDS.PASS}}

OR git login ${{CREDS.USERNAME}} ${{CREDS.PASS}}


I think what you show in the screenshot is shared configuration Shared configuration for pipelines · Codefresh | Docs

The syntax you use seems to be from the Enterprise feature that is not enabled by default Secrets in pipelines · Codefresh | Docs

Can you please open a ticket with us so that our support team can investigate?

Hi @Kostis
Yes. I am using Shared Configration Secrets.
There are no explicit instructions in the document about how to use Shared Configuration Secrets.
It’s not an enterprise feature.


To use the Shared Secrets you need to add the Shared Context you created in your pipeline as described here:

And then you will be able to refer the variables from that context just like the regular env variables:

git login ${{USERNAME}} ${{PASS}}