Multiple GitHub commit statuses per pipeline (i.e. status for every stage)

Currently, it looks like only one GitHub commit status is sent to GitHub for the entire pipeline. Most CI platforms will send out one status for each logical equivalent of a stage (i.e. CircleCI and Github Actions send a status for every “job” in a “workflow”, as opposed to just one status for the entire “workflow”).

The commit statuses from Codefresh would be much more useful if one was sent out for every stage in a pipeline, as I might only want to make certain stages required for a PR to pass, and may not want to wait for the entire pipeline to finish (i.e. a deploy stage) before merging.


This is a terminology discussion mainly. By default the “jobs” in other CI platforms execute in parallel. This is the same thing as running different Codefresh pipelines. And they also run by default in parallel.

So if for example you have a single GH workflow that has “build” and “test” jobs that execute in parallel and show different status, you could just create 2 Codefresh pipelines “build” and “test” (with the same trigger). They will also run in parallel and show a different status.

Have you tried this approach? Would that work in your case?