Pipeline Build Step for non-Dockerized dotNetCore Apps

Hi there, I am new to Codefresh and working on a .Net Core app. It does not have a Docker file yet but we are working towards dockerizing our apps. But for now, if I have to use CF for CI purposes, are there any pipeline examples to build a traditional app , for ex., execute a dotnet build step. Appreciate your response as I tried to research on the internet but did not find any useful info. Thanks.


Have you seen the example?

But this one is using Docker image to build the app. We do not want to use Docker yet…is that viable in Codefresh. I do understand the underlying mechanism is through Docker for Codefresh pipelines.



Ignore the last step that is building the Docker image. The previous steps just run dotnet. Currently they run “dotnet test”, but if you change the command to “dotnet build”, it should work like you expect.

did you try that and it didn’t work?

You can read about Codefresh pipelines and how they work in the intro

You can use Codefresh just fine for application that are not Dockerized yet.

Basically something like this

    title: Building my source code
    image: mcr.microsoft.com/dotnet/core/sdk:3.0
    working_directory: './my-app-subdir'
      - dotnet build

Thanks so much Kostis, I will try today. I am in Australia hence the time difference.

Hi Kostis,
I am unable to use the image as it is restricted in our company. However, could you please advise how I can select a particular image like on what basis I can decide this is the right image for my project.

The image used was just an example.

You should create your own image probably with the correct SDK version. It depends on your app.

Make sure also to read the following Building your app · Codefresh | Docs