Pipeline Preview YAML is does not update


When I update the “Previous YAML” branch via the drop down, I cannot save the update. When we navigate away from that pipeline, then back; the UI has lost my update.

Hello. Could you please post a screenshot of the screen you are talking about?


The situation is better explained via a screen recording. I uploaded one as part of a support ticket (#2993) for your reference. In the below screenshot, I had previously selected “master” for Preview YAML selector, but on navigating away from that pipeline then back, my choice reverts back to a branch that no longer exists.

Hello. The title is actually “Preview Yaml” and not “Previous YAML”. This just a drop down that allows you to preview the yaml for each branch (if you have more than one).

But it is completely read-only (as it is just a preview). There is nothing to save or apply.

Does that help?

When I load any pipeline, it caches the wrong branch. Often the cached branch that no longer exists and shows me the error I attached previously. I then have to select an existing branch (usually master) from the dropdown, every time I load a pipeline. I
appreciate this has no impact on the running of the pipeline, rather it is an annoyance in the UI.