Questions regarding steps

  1. is the git-clone type smart enough to understand when the web hook sent is a Pull Request and perform the git clone of the base branch (where the PR is going into) and then checkout the revision for the PR source branch and perform the merge?

  2. Is it true that the approval step can not run inside a parallel step? I get yml validation error when I put an approval request inside a parallel step.

  1. No the git clone step cannot do something like this. You can still do it with manual git commands.

  2. Does it make sense to run approval in the parallel step? What should the other steps do in your scenario? They should step as well? or not? I am not sure on the current implementation, but I know that we are preparing several enhancements to the approval step.

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With regards to your question in 2)

I had requested for 2 features and I hope you can lend your voice to them:

Option A) Unblocking Manual Gate Step
Option B) Encapsulated Approval Step in Parallel