SSO and Slack Notification to User

I don’t know if this is possible, or if it’s a suggestion, but it would be great if we could ping the CF_COMMIT_AUTHOR in slack when a pipeline is ready for a manual judgement step.

Yes it should be possible via the dedicated Slack plugins that allow you to define exactly what you put in a slack message

Have you seen those? Slack · Codefresh | Docs

Is there any documentation that you could point me to that would help me achieve to be able to get the users slack id from the CF_COMMIT_AUTHOR?

I think this is more of a slack question than a Codefresh question.

I am not familiar with the Slack API but I would assume that they have a way where you can pass a string and they will return the name of user(s) that match it.

Maybe this will help users.lookupByEmail method | Slack

There is a newer step to allow sending to a channel directly
If you use an email address it will send a DM to that user
Check Codefresh | slack-post-channel step