Webhook trigger

I’d like to be able to configure some of my Pipelines to be triggered by a webhook.

We can currently achieve our objective using the Codefresh API, but simplifying this process would be appreciated.


What kind of webhook do you have in mind? Is the source a specific platform or something else?

If you have any specific suggestions on how we can simplify the call API even further, please let us know.

We’re using Netlify for our stage site, which has the ability to generate Webhook URLs to trigger builds with. If we wanted to port that build to Codefresh we’d have to recreate that functionality.

We’ve also thought about that same use case for scenarios such as triggering builds from CloudWatch events.

The Netlify implementation is pretty basic but serves our purpose. They generate a unique URL that accepts an empty POST body.

I see, thanks for the clarification.

I already passed your suggestion to our product team!