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Are there any chance to get details about build result(output) on a build panel? Each build has a lot of details in a row - branch name, execution time, etc. The most important info about each build is “What is the output of this build”(Docker image tag, Helm chart version and name).

I can see there is a link to Docker images repo for each bild, but what if I have a thousand of builds in a history and I need to get logs about how the image was build.
On a TeamCity or Jenkins I can use build_number(counter) to mark image tag and to fast get the required build log. Anyway I can see artifact name in that apps.

This confuses me a little bit. Probably I do something wrong?

Hello Denis and welcome to the Codefresh community.

Could you post a screenshot of the UI where you would expect to see the information that you are talking about?

Also remember that a pipeline can build more than one image. We have some customers that build 10+ Docker images in a single pipeline. So what would be the expected result in that case?

For what you are asking it is much easier to go to the container image dashboard. It has exactly that. A list of your images, plus a link to the pipeline that created this image. Isn’t that what you need?

This answers exactly the question “How was this image built”? And there is no need to search through build logs…

I mean this dashboard with a list of builds. In TeamCity I can see build number for each build. In CodeFresh they are just exist in a vacuum - I cannot identify build with some unique number or id in a dashboard, I cannot filter them by a result. CF has a lot about build input - branch name, repo name, commit message, commiter but nothing about build results.

As for images I agree that dashboard make life easier. But as for me build counter pretty simple and useful thing - I use bump-build-number.

Back to my question - I would like to see some output about build results - build number, build id, build epoch, docker image tag or helm chart version.

Might be this will be more clear:
Teamcity has special field “build number” - and user can specify what to use as unique ID - this field is displayed as first column.

or it could in this way

I cannot identify build with some unique number

Actually each build HAS a unique number. The easiest way to get is from the URL

For example The last part is the unique Build ID.

For the other fields I am not sure what you mean by epoch/number. Also remember that sometimes 3 builds of a pipeline might start in parallel. What would be the expected build number for each one of them?

Same question for Helm/Docker tags. If a pipeline builds 8 docker images and deploys 4 charts, what output would you expect Codefresh to show?

Can I ask what is the end goal? What are you trying to achieve in the end?

Also if you haven’t seen it already you don’t need to bother with build IDs at all. With Codefresh you can add your own metadata to Docker images Docker image Metadata · Codefresh | Docs

I provide an example for TeamCity where I have a CUSTOM field - called “build number” and this field shown as a first column. Doesn’t matter quantity of artifacts created in a pipeline\build. I define this number\id\counter\whatever as I want.
It is extremely useful to observe the current state of pipeline and quick find required build from the dashboard, to understood what exact builds were failed(or what build is running right now) without seeing logs.

lets imagine that you have 1 build for 10 microservices. There are 5 simultaneously running builds. With “build number” custom field I can tag each build as 1.0.service_aaa.123asd. Observing the dashboard with builds marked by such “build number” I can clear see which services are building, I can go to the required pipeline to see runtime logs or test results.
Without such tag I need to go to the images tab to find appropriate build. Or I can have pipeline without build\push docker image at all.

Or I would like to find which build was the fastest from the last 50. I can see the build duration but to understood what was build I must to go inside the build. With such custom “buid number” I do not need to go inside the pipeline to understood what was build. I got this from my custom “1.0.0.master.githash.build_id” tag.

Ok understood.

I suggest you create a ticket with support (from the top right menu in the Codefresh UI) and mark it as a feature request.

The timing is ideal, because we are already preparing the next generation of Codefresh, so having early feedback/ideas from users is great.

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Thank you, Kostis. I suppose you collect feature requests from this forum too.
But I will create a ticket some day.

Well in my case I tryied to create feature request but support links to a documentation page

It should link here