Custom name for each build run

We have a CD pipeline which is invoked at the end of a few different CI jobs via a codefresh-run step.

This works well, except when viewing the log of builds from the CD pipeline, it is difficult to tell what was deployed without opening the build. From within the build, we customise the title of our deploy step to explain visually what was deployed and where.

To illustrate, here is a screenshot of the CD job, where each build run is deploying something different (potentially to a different environment), all configured via arguments passed in to the build run:

In Jenkins, we’d have used something like this: I’ve tried (just on a hunch, unable to find any supporting docs) setting a title for the entire pipeline which incorporates some variables that were passed in, but this is unsupported.

Has anyone else come across a solution to this?


I’m afraid this is not supported at the moment, but I totally agree that this feature would be a huge improvement for the build view! We have a similar feature request to expose some user-defined build variables on the build badge for better visibility and the internal conversation is still going on there, so I will add your voice there too to bring more attention to the item.

At the moment, you can try using Annotations [1] to mark the build with the needed values.

To see the build annotations from the build view, you need to click the three-dot menu on the right side of the build badge and select Annotations.

  1. Annotations · Codefresh | Docs