Build step `Dockerfile` default value is `undefined` on restart from failed

When restarting from a failed step (as opposed to restarting from the beginning), the default value for the Dockerfile property of the build step is undefined, as evidenced by this error:

Evaluating: step: lint must have result one of:  success. Step status: success, it evaluates to: true                 
Continuing execution.                                                                                                 
Preparing build                                                                                                       
 Message             Failed to prepare dockerfile: 63bdcd866078bc32120d6e70                                           
 Caused by           Failed to fetch the Dockerfile from path: undefined                                              
 Documentation Link       

I would expect the default value to be Dockerfile


You need to open a ticket with us so that our support team can investigate.

Please include the URL of the build that has the issue.