Codefresh and OSS projects

how it is with Codefresh and use/support for (small-time) open source projects?

When registering, the process ask about company where I work and number of employees and so. None of these are really applicable to typical code-in-evening open-source software.

Or is there some other website for OSS, like Travis used to have?



The purpose of these fields are

  1. To give us a better idea on who uses Codefresh
  2. To help us with your support tickets when you open one ( so that we have some more context on your needs and goals)

That being said, there are no “correct” and “wrong” values. The product is exactly the same even if you answer 5 engineers or 50 engineers.

Therefore feel free to continue using the version you have even if you are on OSS developer. There isn’t an alternative URL or version that you are missing.

Our free plan is also free for everybody (even for commercial usage) for ever. You can use it as you see fit.

Hope that answers your question.