Codefresh plugins unexpected 404 - No Docker registry on the Hub

Got an unexpected 404 while using the vault step type - access denied while fetching vault image.


(HTTP code 404) unexpected - pull access denied for codefreshplugins/vault, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'

Failed to read environment variable exporting file:/codefresh/volume/ounog/env_vars_to_export

I went to the codefreshplugins team page on Docker Hub to find another image known as cf-vault-plugin as mentioned in the Github repo . Managed to pull that down.

Looks like it has not been maintained for a while as I had to pull an old tag 0.1 for it work.

(HTTP code 404) unexpected - manifest for codefreshplugins/cf-vault-plugin:latest not found

I understand that the plugins are made and maintained by various members of the Codefresh community and staff off their own accord, but it would be great if the plugins are maintained regularly. I can help contribute where possible to make sure they are well maintained too :slight_smile:

Yes we are aware! Sorry for the confusion.

Actually at the moment there is a company-wide effort to update all plugins to latest versions. We are also updating our plugin creation guide so that we can avoid such problems in the future.

Apart from the vault plugin other plugins will be soon updated as well.

Not a problem Kostis.

Just pointing them out in case the community forgot about it.

Curious to know why is there 2 different sources of the plugin:



Similar source code, but in 2 different repos. Is there a disparity in the two or how they are pulled into the plugin/steps ecosystem?

Thank you. is the current repo for all Codefresh “sponsered” plugins. We had too many separate repos for other plugins and decided to round them up in a mono repo.

The other repo is the old one and it will not be updated any more. We will update the repos to make it clear what is the active version and what is not.

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Awesome. I look forward to seeing the new updates to the plugins. Thank you very much Kostis.

Do let us know once the plugins have been updated. I will switch to using the vault step type instead of referencing the docker image directly. Thank you.