Codefresh runner - DevOps insights

I installed the runner successfully and ran a job on it, but I can’t use any of the options in the “devops insights” section.

There is a component known as monitor that is installed as part of the runner.

This component/pod is reaching out the K8s API of the local K8s cluster you’ve installed the runner on.

The credentials specified for the cluster can be found under Account Settings > Integrations > Kubernetes.

These may need to be added or updates to the correct service account that has access to that cluster.
I would take the logs from that monitor pod and share them with us (checking that no sensitive data is present).

We can then review those logs.

I would also review the credentials and roles being used on the Kubernetes Integration for the cluster and check the role for the correct permissions.

If the cluster you would like to see in the DevOps Insights is running on another K8s cluster behind your firewall and you want to see that.

You can install the monitor in another namespace and point it to that cluster to collect that cluster’s K8s data.