Configure Kustomize to run helm charts with codefreshh application (must specify --enable-helm)

Hi everyone
I’m facing a problem when I try to create a code fresh application with Kustomize.
I keep getting this error in the UI that says: must specify --enable-helm

locally when I test my Kustomize configuration with a helm chart it works perfectly as I have control over the arguments that I can provide
locally I can test my repo with test and it builds perfectly:

kustomize build -o temp --enable-helm  --helm-command helm  

after doing some research I found that I need to actually add a config map and add the build options that I need, like this:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: argocd-cm
  namespace: argocd
  labels: argocd-cm argocd
  kustomize.buildOptions: --enable-helm --load-restrictor LoadRestrictionsNone

but this doesn’t seem to work, normally was hoping to find where I can add options in codefresh UI for Kustomize application.

my Kustomize yaml file is

kind: Kustomization
  chartHome: ../
  - name: demo
    # The name of the release
    releaseName: demo
    # namespace where the resources will be created.
    namespace: demo
    includeCRDs: true

I’m using this file to point to a helm chart that I have in my git repo.

i know this is just some configuration that I’m missing, but I would appreciate any guidance that I can get on where I can add the missing “–enable-helm” option in codefresh, or any documentation that might help.

If there is any information that you want me to provide just let me know.

Thank you in advance for your time and efforts


You need to provide some more details about your context. Codefresh doesn’t do anything special for kustomize apps. If you are using the GitOps integration we just use Argo CD behind the scenes and the kustomize support it includes.

Can you provide some more details

  1. Are you using your own Argo CD instance or the Codefresh runtime?
  2. How do you deploy the app? With kubectl? As an ArgoCD app? with pre-rendered manifests?

hi sir
so regarding you questions

  1. I’m using codefresh runtime.

in case if I used argocd instance I think I will just need to create a configmap that I described in my question to add the missing options to Kustomize, but now I don’t know how to achieve that in codefresh.

  1. for app deployment if I quite understand what you asking is that I’m using codefresh runtime to run the application manifest that points to the git repository with a helm chart and a Kustomize file after the git repo receives any new changes, codefresh handles the rest for me and deploys it to my k8s cluster.

it was working before with just the helm chart, but now I want to use Kustomize and I get that error.


Thank you for the update! I’m afraid there is no way to enable this option from your side, so I’ve contacted our Engineering team to see if this can be enabled for your account. I will update this thread as soon as I hear back from them.

We’ve enabled this feature in your runtime. Please let us know if this works for you?

Thank you and the team for taking action on this matter.
I will test it and see if it works.
Thanks again


You are always welcome! We look forward to hearing from you.