Migrate Deployment Away from ArgoCD Back to Helm

This might sound like an odd question. I have been asked to migrate a few container application deployments that are currently managed by ArgoCD out of ArgoCD to be managed just by Helm. The deployments include PV/PVCs, and we cannot afford to lose those. How would one go about moving away from ArgoCD to just Helm?


Unfortunately Argo CD uses “helm template” to deploy Helm charts. This means that right now there is no Helm information in the cluster for Helm to pick up, everything is deployed as raw manifests.

Ideally you should backup the storage used by PVs, delete the Argo CD apps and redeploy them with Helm. That is the best approach.

If you want to do it on the fly, you could delete the prune/cascade/finalizers info that exists on the Argo CD apps. Then if you delete the Argo CD apps, the underlying resources will stay there. You can then attempt to redeploy with Helm and hope that Helm will patch the existing resources or leave them be.

I strongly suggest the first approach.

Since this question is not Codefresh specific, you should also ask in the Github discussions part of Argo CD as well as the argo-cd channel in the CNCF slack in order to get better answers.