Default variable values in cron triggers?


It looks like cron triggers does not support setting environment variables (at least not from the web gui, did not try from the cli). It would be handy, even for very simple cases like “build the main branch every morning”.

Also, I could not find what timezone the cron expressions are evaluated in, it would be great to be able to chose the timezone.



As explained in the docs, all timezones in cron are UTC We have an item in backlog to allow for user defined timezones.

Regarding variables, any variable that is linked with a Git trigger is not available (because the pipeline is launched by cron and not by a Git event). But unless I am missing something, user-defined variables with specific values should work normally.

Regarding the “build the main” branch, you should be able to use a git clone step that defines the branch inside yaml (instead of getting it from a variable) Did you try this and it didn’t work?