Disable `io.codefresh.repo` image LABELS to avoid cache busting

When I build a docker image, Codefresh automatically adds a bunch of labels to the image in the form of extra build steps. For example:

  "labels": {
    "io.codefresh.repo.owner": "vallerance",
    "io.codefresh.repo.branch": "RO-138-new-codefresh-workflows",
    "io.codefresh.repo.sha": "b090d990fbf7f7f1136b8c1e64c18d43bb2b86cb",
    "io.codefresh.repo.name": "react-orcus",
    "io.codefresh.repo.hash": "e85940b61817855f274883d6def13e5b0237c79a",
    "io.codefresh.repo.type": "yml"

Is there a way to prevent these labels from being added? Or to customize their value in any way?

My problem is that the sha and hash labels result in different layers being added to the image on every build, even if the rest of the image is unchanged. I want to build multiple images from a parent image, but docker caching is completely disabled on any of the child images due to the parent image changing every build (even though none of the layers I specify in the parent image change).

To the best of my knowledge these labels are not configurable.

It is best to open a ticket with our support team. This way either they will create a feature request out of this, or provide a solution for the caching issue. Be sure to include the URLs of the affected builds.