Error Running Pipeline with Local Volume


I’m trying to run a pipeline with local volume and getting the following error. If I run the same command without the local-volume argument, it completes without any issue.

Administrators-MacBook-Pro-7:members rsung$ codefresh run members/build --local -b feature/cicd-224-merge-docker-images -t members-build --local-volume --yaml=infrastructure/codefresh/build.yaml
Yaml is valid!
Updating Codefresh engine ==>

Pulling image codefresh/engine:master
Digest: sha256:d97381eeb1627c089e3db464556d81629b4690a4f2facff9bcc9bce8e057170d
Status: Image is up to date for codefresh/engine:master

Finished Update ==>

Using /Users/rsung/.Codefresh/members/build as a local volume.

Running pipeline: members/build
Step: Initializing Process
Running Codefresh YAML validation
YAML validation passed successfully
Validating connection to Docker daemon...
Connection to Docker daemon validated
Creating logging service...
Logging service created
Validating logging service
Logging service validated
Creating workspace.json in the external workspace
Running command: init where workspace=/codefresh/volume
/codefresh/volume/workspace.json exist already
Creating key 5e8f880089c0ba24ffcd0796 in the external workspace
Running command: update where workspace=/codefresh/volume
Directory /codefresh/volume, Size 6057
Updating key 5e8f880089c0ba24ffcd0796
Creating environment variable exporting file: /codefresh/volume/env_vars_to_export
Creating export environment variable script file: /codefresh/volume/cf_export
Creating debug environment script file: /codefresh/volume/
Requesting account clusters
Cluster corp imported
Cluster dev imported
Creating kube config file
Successfully created kube config
Scheduling health checks
Step: show_context
 Message             Cannot read property 'inspect' of undefined                                                        
 Documentation Link                                     
 Name                TypeError                                                                                          
Pipeline executed successfully

Sees like it’s the same issue as