G.codefresh.io not using https

Folks I’m getting insecure website alerts on g.codefresh.io
It’s not using SSL

There are AWS credentials flying about over the internet here, please correct immediately

Hey, thanks for letting us know, we’re on this right now.

A preliminary look indicates that it’s pulling some icons from an http source, but we’re going to confirm and fix. We’ll keep you all posted.

Hey, just confirmed, it is indeed only the icons. We are fixing this ASAP, but any and all information transferred to and from Codefresh are kept secure. Thank you very much for letting us know.

Hi Kristofer

It was loading the main html from port 80
The Json was still going over 443 but the top level window being on 80 was triggering
the unsecured alert.



We have applied a fix. Can you please check again?

Thanks it looks good, i check http as well appears to redirect with a 307 which is the correct thing to do.
Appreciate you folks fixing it!