Git-Clone not switching branches on manual run

What occurred

  • Pipeline was triggering on all branch pushes
  • Resulting in /codefresh/volume/${{CF_REPO}}/ on a feature branch
  • Modified trigger to only occur on develop branch
  • Run pipeline manually on develop branch
  • git-clone did not switch branches from feature branch to develop branch, resulting in broken build.
    Was identified by the feature branch missing a Dockerfile breaking the build.

What I expect:

  • Click Run pipeline
  • Select branch in drop down
  • git-clone starts with
    – git checkout [selected branch]
    – git pull

Work around:
Created a dummy commit and push on the develop branch
Caused the trigger to occur and correct branch was checked out and pulled.

Hello Patrick and welcome to the Codefresh community!

Can you post the URL of the broken build so that we can investigate?

Do you have the yaml for the build and a screenshot of any flags/options when attempting to run manually? I was not able to reproduce this.