How can I send an Allure report link to Slack?

For example, I have three last steps in my pipeline and I would like to have not only the message in slack but also a link to the allure report as well

title: “Prepare report”
stage: “prepare”
image: ‘ubuntu’ # The image in which command will be executed
working_directory: “${{clone}}” # Running command where code cloned
- “cp -r -f ./allure-results $CF_VOLUME_PATH/allure-results”

title: Generate test reporting
stage: “generate”
image: codefresh/cf-docker-test-reporting
working_directory: ‘${{CF_VOLUME_PATH}}’
- BUCKET_NAME=example-allure-reports

slack notify:
title: Slack notify
stage: “slack notify”
type: slack-notifier
SLACK_TEXT: “Test completed”

An output from the “generate” stage is

All 92 report files was successfully uploaded
You can access report on:
Start removing test report folder
Annotation cf_test_reporter_link was created.

How can I get this URL after every single pipeline run and post it to slack?

What about a pipeline hook?

Thank you for your answer. The main problem is this annotation “cf_test_reporter_link”. I see it generated in the console log but unfortunately, I can’t get it and transfer it to Slack.

You should be able to get all annotations with the Codefresh CLI in a pipeline Annotations · Codefresh | Docs

I need to double check if the test report is always annotating with the URL, but I believe it does. You can easily use the Codefresh CLI in a pipeline step Codefresh API · Codefresh | Docs