Is that possible to apply delay on one step

Hi there,

I have parallel steps (step1, step2) in one stage in the pipeline. So just curious whether I can start step2 with some delay after starting the step1.

I tried below and apparently not working as expected:

    title: IT
    stage: test
    type: parallel
    fail_fast: false
        title: AppStart
        stage: test

        title: End point test
        stage: prepare
        delay: 4
        exponentialFactor: 4

Or any other we can achive this kind of process?



Why do you need the delay? If you want step2 to run after step1 then you can simply mark step1 as a dependency and the Codefresh engine will automatically arrange them in the correct order.

Alternatively I would just add a “sleep 5” statement or something similar in step2. In order to wait.
However the whole point of using parallel steps is to speed up things. So waiting for something implies that true parallelism is not possible?


Thanks for your reply Kostis.
I totally understand your point. My requirement here though just for quick a test. Meaning bring up my spring boot application via Gradle in step1 and after sometime (after app up and running) run curl command in step2 to test one endpoint to see the application logs in step1.

If this make sense

For this scenario you might find useful the readiness checks Service containers in pipelines · Codefresh | Docs