Codefresh-run and delayed builds

Hi there! My org is currently using separate pipelines for Tests and Deployment/Delivery, with the former calling the latter via a codefresh-run call at the end of the pipeline. However, we’ve found that if resources aren’t available to start the Delivery pipeline, the Test pipeline will remain running until Delivery actually starts- meaning the Test pipeline potentially takes up the resources that the Delivery pipeline needs to start.

Is there a way to replace codefresh-run with a different step that simply queues a codefresh job, allowing our test pipeline to complete and free up the resources for delivery?

Hello and welcome to the Codefresh community.

You can use the “detach” option in the codefresh run step. This unblocks the parent pipeline and should also free its resources.

Can you try this approach and let us know if it works for you?

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I never responded to this, sorry. Detach worked perfectly (months ago) and we use it throughout our environments. Thanks!

I will note that the official docs on Detach don’t do a great job of explaining this usage.