NB question: Web UI


Let me start by saying I am quite new here in CF. Silly question perhaps but here it is goes, what is the difference between the following UI:

I see the 2.0 (dark background) got no option to create a project and it asks you to install the runtime. I am assuming, the “2.0” is used for hybrid environments and the other one is for the SaaS solution? It gets a bit confusing as when you type “codefresh-io” (I have replaced “.” by “-” as new users can only send 2 links in a post) it sends you to 2.0 and lots of your doc pages talks directly about the other UI (white and green theme).

I could not find any information regarding this in the doc page (I also tried to search here in the forum but perhaps I didn’t use the right key-words).

Thanks in advance.

Hello and welcome to the Codefresh community

The first URL is Codefresh Classic. Docs are here https://codefresh.io/docs/

The second URL is the new Codefresh GitOps product powered by Argo. Docs are here https://codefresh.io/csdp-docs/

Right now they are two separate products and this is why there is the button switch. Both support both SAAS and hybrid configurations.

Let me know if you need any more clarifications

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