New item for GitHub Actions

May we add to Codefresh list of GitHub actions this one → GitHub - JakePartusch/wait-for-netlify-action: A GitHub action that will wait until a Netlify Preview deploy is completed before continuing on? For my task, I need this step started firstly and after I get an url I’m ready to go with the next steps but I’m not sure how to implement it in the right way.


I will double check with our dev team, but I believe that the Codefresh browser for Github actions shows all actions available in the Github marketplace GitHub Marketplace · Actions to improve your workflow · GitHub

So if you convince Jake Partusch to submit the action to Github, I think it will appear automatically in Codefresh.

That being said, I looked at the action and it looks really simple. Maybe you can just use a free style step with curl in Codefresh?