Several deployments behind one service

Hi. We have GKE cluster. And each deployment has its own service there. Everything is in order with their management. But one service has several deployments and I cant find a way to manage each deployment in the Codefresh interface. There can be only one deployment per service. Isn’t it? So I cant manage variables, scaling, making deploy pipeline for all deployments except the first one. How to solve this problem?

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Codefresh has more than 6 ways to deploy a Kubernetes application Deployment Options for Kubernetes · Codefresh | Docs

If you are talking about the UI button, then yes that expects a single deployment.
But other ways (like the pipeline deploy step) do not have any limitations and you can deploy as many kubernetes manifests as you want.

The deploy step for example can support any number of deployments (or other kubernetes manifests) Simple Kubernetes templating · Codefresh | Docs

Let me know if you need more clarifications