Getting dual plug-in error on Helm push step

[2024-06-21T20:42:57.143Z] Reading environment variable exporting file contents.
[2024-06-21T20:42:56.960Z] failed to load plugins: two plugins claim the name "push" at "/root/.helm/helm/plugins/helm-push.git" and "/root/.helm/helm/plugins/"

This is attempting to use the latest you have up. There is an old put for 3.4.1 - is this back again?
I can’t seem to use any other helm version. I’d like to be using helm_version 3.14.4.


It is best to open an issue with our support team. And be sure to include the URL of the build that has the error.

If it was an old bug, we should fix it once and for all.

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Yes, I have. It seems to not be on the radar which surprised me.


I created JIRA issue with ref number 24360 and I assigned it to our engineering team. Once I have an update I will post here.