Outdated helmfile step marked as "official"

Hey guys!

I tried to use official “helmfile” step and got the error. The reason is this step is outdated:

  • Step is based on the helmfile v0.108.0 while the last one is v0.132.2. See the difference?
  • Last commit in the repo is from April 15th (6 months ago).
  • There is an unanswered issue from August with the ask for helm and helmfile version bump.
  • First idea is to contribute and to make PR with versions bump. But there is one already. Unanswered and not merged.

Is this step actually “official”? What does it mean if step is “official” in the marketplace?

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Yes you are right. I will ask our engineering team to resolve the situation. I see that the Pull Request has some conflicts and there is also another issue that asks for even different versions.

Just to clarify, what version of Helm and Helmfile would you like to work with? The latest at any point in time, or a specific version?

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Same issue here.

I’d personally like to specify the Helm and Helmfile versions explicitly.

Hello Kostis! Great to see you’re answering here!
It is important to specify the Helm and Helmfile versions explicitly. Current approach (some versions you can choose from) looks good.

Hello @abronin and @relaygus

We have updated the helmfile step with latest versions.

Can you please check and let us know if it works for you?