Helm install step has validation error

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We’ve been in the process of doing helm 3 updates. I’m encountering an error that I can’t seem to sort out.

    Running plugin DeployToDev                                                                                              
Failed to prepare plugin. Validation error                                                                              
should NOT have additional properties                                                                                   
schema path: #/additionalProperties                                                                                     
 Message             Validation error        

I’m not sure how the custom_values_file is not valid when it’s part of the arguments for install: action and type is helm. The documentation shows examples with its use.

title: Deploy to dev environment
type: helm
stage: deploy
working_directory: ./app
  action: install
  chart_name: infrastructure/app
  helm_version: 3.2.4
  release_name: my-release
  namespace: recos
  kube_context: our-cluster
  custom_values_file: 'infrastructure/app/values.yaml'
    - 'app_image_tag=${{CF_BRANCH_TAG_NORMALIZED}}-${{CF_SHORT_REVISION}}'
    - 'frontend_image_tag=${{CF_BRANCH_TAG_NORMALIZED}}-${{CF_SHORT_REVISION}}'

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Looking at the documentation of the step it seems to me that the parameter is named
custom_value_files (note the plural on files and singular on value). I also believe it has to be an array
and not a single value. I think this is expected to be given like

- 'infrastructure/app/values.yaml'

Can you try this syntax and see if it works?

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I must have looked the documentation 1000x times and never noticed the singular! I am trying now.