Not able to login !111111!

Since 12 pm UTC not able to login.
I can put my credentials but after that I am immediately dropped out with error:
Problem connecting to your SCM provider. please try again in a few minutes.

Using microsoft azure as provider

Based on your error message,
FailedToHandleCbMustLoginUsingSsoError: Failed handle callback, User must login using SSO
it seems you selected Azure.
Select Corporate Single Sign-on instead


Hi. I found a reason, it’s a bug on your side. If time on user computer is in the future then login with all tools fails

I was able to log using Google even with my computer a day ahead in the future. I had to reset some cookies at some point however.
Being on a very different date/time may create problems with token expiration.
The check may be done by the SSO provider even before it reaches Codefresh.
But I’m glad you found the root cause of the issue

One of my support colleagues provided this link as we were chatting about your issue: