Pipeline variables with radio buttons, checkboxes, select fields

Hello, is there any plan to enhance the input controls of pipeline variables? The only option there is at the moment with text input field is pretty basic and can get tedious with users having to type in the same text over and over again on every execution. Thanks.

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Yes, there is an internal feature request for this. But we don’t have an ETA at the moment.
If you open a ticket with us, our support team can notify you with the progress of that feature.

Thanks for the feedback @Kostis. This is also a feature we would be very interested in. Specifically we have some manual deploy jobs that can be triggered by users, and they have to select from one of 20 different services to deploy. Having a drop down would be much easier for them to use and for us to maintain. Other options such as 20 different pipelines for each different deploy are not particularly palatable :slight_smile: