Support for pipeline text field inputs?

This is a pattern I have found useful in jenkins, the pipeline remains in a paused state until a user enters some textual information into some fields, and then hits continue.

Is this possible? How can I do this in codefresh?

Hello and welcome to the Codefresh community.

I believe that we already have this feature in the backlog. It most probably will be in the form of additions in our existing approval step Approval · Codefresh | Docs

Could I ask however exactly what is your use case and what kind of fields would you like to see? Simple strings or complex values such as drop-downs, multi-selects etc?

Hey Kostis, thanks for all the great work your team is doing. I LOVE codefresh and want to see it become even more versatile.

Most generically - there is a need for “single use” params that only ever apply to one run . My use case is for configuring (at pipeline start) which environment our test suite runs against, as well as which JIRA ticket we will write file based artifacts. They would type in “staging” and “CODE-1234” and the pipeline dynamically runs tests against staging, and writes artifacts to jira.

We do this now by updating build variables each time, but these apply to all future pipelines. This has led to mistakes. Often we forget to update these one off build variables, and end up accidentally writing artifacts to past release tickets, or not writing artifacts.

A no frills plaintext input that writes to the pipeline environment would completely satisfy our needs. Bonus if the input has optional/required configurability.

A few other inputs that are nice to haves, but are not essential:

  • boolean checkbox

  • single selection checkboxes

  • multi selection checkboxes

On a more forward looking note - I would love to see codefresh built ins that abstract away
the technicalities of collecting and emiting arbitrary artifact files (pdf,csv,images,video,logs) to arbitrary destinations. I see this as a first class need in modern CI/CD. There are some similar-but-different CF plugins (slack/jira/etc) that support bits and pieces of this, but I think what devs would value is comprehensive/native support in codefresh.


The unified handling of artifact files is a great idea.

When you say “native support” you mean in the core GUI? Or simply a collection of verified/curated pipeline steps that handle this? Or a single super-smart pipeline step that can upload/download any kind of artifact to any destination?