Looking for Choice picker and text input in codefresh pipeline

Previously we are using using Jenkins pipeline for our CI/CD requirements. Recently we are moving to Codefresh and currently we are in the process of migrating few of our pipelines, which are using Choice Parameter (dropdown Box) to select input require to run pipeline. I am looking similar feature like this.

Can someone suggest like How can I implement codefresh pipeline with below parameters.

Environment : Checkbox where we have fix value like dev, uat and prod

Version: Dropdown list where we can store last 20 Images.

Market : Dropdown list where we have around 25 markets, from which we need to select one market for deploy application.

Can someone guide me how I can implement such pipeline. Basically we are looking for below features.

  • boolean checkbox
  • single selection checkboxes


Jignesh Shah

+1 to this. It’s a common feature request by our engineers


There is an item for this functionality in the product roadmap. I suggest you open a support issue so that our product team can add your name to the people that need this (and re-evaluate priorities)

However, in my humble opinion having buttons like this is not an optimal strategy for 2 reasons

  1. They are error prone. What happens if I select the wrong version from the drop-down and push it to production? They whole point of CI/CD is to automate things and avoid mistakes
  2. They imply a deployment process with manual steps (which again this is something we want to avoid in the first place)

A better suggestion is to have automated pipelines, where an environment is being deployed when something changes for it in Git (instead of having ad-hoc deployments)

Maybe you could expand a bit on why you want this as a manual functionality and if you have thought about automating deployments?

In your example you can have some Git repos for each env where all markets are mentioned. So everytime you need to do a deployment you simply change the respective Git repo instead of manually clicking menus. Changing Git repos is very good for having things such as PRs (for human checks) or audits (git history)