Trigger CF pipeline from BitBucket repo (that I don't own)

Hi guys, as per title I would like to trigger a pipeline from a BitBucket repo that I don’t own but I cannot find a place in BitBucket to put the webhook secret. Only the URL can be specified in BitBucket UI.


Once you have set up the OAuth2 connection, the triggers in the pipeline should be available if the specific git repository is defined.

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@Facundo_Rodriguez you should try connecting first an OAuth connection as @evanx9 suggested.

However I have a feeling that like Github, Bitbucket might not allow you to add webhooks on repositories that you don’t own.

In my case, both OAuth2 and password fail to verify the trigger.

I suggest you check the Bitbucket documentation first if this is allowed :frowning:

I know that in Github you cannot add webhooks to repos you don’t have “admin” access so I suspect other Git providers work in a similar way.

Can I ask what is the repo that you working on? Is it a dependency on your project? Maybe there is another way to get updates?

It is a private repo, and I don’t think I will be granted admin privileges. I could setup a pipeline and curl CF, that should work. I was just curios about whether or not I was having some config error in CF.

thanks guys

So unfortunately, from Atlassian’s website:

“ The administrators of a repository
are the only users who can create a webhook on that repository.”

See for more detail.

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