Troubleshooting custom step-type plugin development

We are developing custom step-type plugins for use in-house and although the basic validation is successful when creating/replacing the step-type through the CLI. But when the custom plugin is referenced from within another pipeline, all the output we get for troubleshooting is this:

Failed to prepare plugin, Filed to run template engine                                                                                               
 Message             Filed to run template engine                                                                                                    
 Caused by           Container for operation: Running pikolo reqay. Failed with exit code: 1                                                         
 Documentation Link                                                                             
 Exit code           1                                                                                                                               
 Name                NonZeroExitCodeError

How to troubleshoot this any further, noting that the pipeline debugger does not support Override breakpoints for custom plugin step-types?


What is the URL of the build that has the issue? Could you please post it here?

Thanks Kostis.

I’ve started recognizing some patterns when working with the stepsTemplate format. Debugging is inherently tricky when the runtime shows a general template problem, but validation when replacing the step-type yaml doesn’t show any problems. I wonder what other tooling might help fill-in that space? Also, so some of this is likely my learning curve. :slight_smile: