While creating release from develop pipeline its taking main branch code instead of branch in which pipeline executing


I have build code and in the last I’m making a release of that code, Using a Create a GitHub release Typestep, Passing the arguments

  type: github-release
  title: Full example
    git_context_name: my-github-context
    release_name: my-release
    release_tag: my-tag-0.1.0
    release_description: My description
    prerelease: false
    repo_owner: some-owner
    repo_name: my-repo

in the release source code is created from main Branch, How can we define a Target branch while making a release


I think this is more a Github question that a Codefresh one.

In Github a release starts from a Git tag Managing releases in a repository - GitHub Docs

So this is why this step accepts release_tag tag as an argument.

The release is created from that tag regardless of which branch was used for tagging. If you wish to use a different branch, you need to tag it first.