API - Run Pipeline Dry Run mode

We created an internal service that calls the Codefresh API for Run Pipeline on a matched event. During our development, we had to code in our own dry run mode. Not a big deal, but I figure others would benefit from being able to hit to the Codefresh API and validate that a pipeline would run but not actually cause the pipeline to run.

That is great!

Would you open-source that code?

hmm…currently, it’s integrated into a closed source system – and we’re not using arguments for the pipeline/trigger :scream: – but I could probably rewrite to be independent.

And just to clarify, the Dry Run mode we put in just doesn’t run the API call to Codefresh. So there’s no validation that the job would run. That’s the feature I’m asking for Codefresh to build into their API to improve confidence without triggering a pipeline unnecessarily.

Ah, I see what you mean.

I will transfer your request to our engineering team.