Reuse shared volume for nested pipelines

Is it possible to reuse shared volume for nested pipelines triggered through “codefresh-run” step?

Currently no. The original idea is that each pipeline has a specific scope and handles only a specific task. More details are here

Could you describe a bit your scenario so that I can understand your use case better?

In most cases, you can simply merge the two pipelines together and create a single one (if they need to share info in that way).

Alternatively you can use an upload/download mechanism (for example with an S3 bucket) if you want to move large amounts of data from one pipeline to next. I believe however that in most cases simply merging the two pipelines is easier.

Thank you @Kostis.

I have several multistep flows:

  1. prepare codebase (checkout repo, pull submodules, generate code from protocol buffers),
  2. test application backend (run unit tests for multiple languages, run integration tests),
  3. test frontend application (run unit tests, run acceptance tests).
    I thought I can make them as pipelines that can be called from another ones (if sharing the volume would be possible).

And I wanted to have several “main” pipelines that are triggered on specific events:

  • if changed are related to any backend service, then run pipelines 1+2,
  • if changed are related to frontend, then run 1+3,
  • if changes are related to some common code, like API specs, then run 1+2+3.

As of now I would need to duplicate code to every of those pipelines, or there’s other way not to do that?

So what I suggest is the following

  1. You have a single pipeline that has all 3 flows
  2. Each step has a condition so that it can be enabled/disabled
  3. You create 3 different triggers (one of each use case). For each trigger you set a different variable like BACKEND_ONLY=TRUE, FRONTEND_ONLY=TRUE and so on
  4. When the pipeline runs it executes only the steps required according to the variables passed

The end result is a single pipeline that only runs what is needed. There is no duplication at all.

Also if you have a monorepo, be sure not to miss our monorepo trigger support.

So unless I am missing something, this is another one of those cases where a single pipeline is better.

Let me know if that helps. I am happy to clarify more or even provide more instructions and screenshots on how to achieve this.

I will actually put your case in my backlog for a dedicated example in our documentation.

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